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My name is Lucas Schuneman.

Voice actor. Storyteller.

Teacher. Father.

Evil scientist. Hip zombie.

Half-Orc monk.

Narrator. Puppy.

Goblin. Pirate.


Snail wizard.

Religious con-man.

Dancing squirrel.

Holy executioner.

Viking conqueror.

Father of the Norse Gods.

And Grand Emperor of the World.

But through it all...

I'm The Voice-Acting Ninja.

I do voices you never hear coming.

Newest Projects To Share!
Latest Visual Reel
Dead Island 2, Promo for "The Onion"
"Legend of Galactic Heroes", Negroponte
Northern Trust, "How The Pieces Fit Together"
"Crowfall" (PC), Launch Trailer
"Blood Bowl III", Imperial Nobility Spotlight
Agroliquid TV Spot, "Success"
"Rogue Lords", Gameplay Trailer
"Roguebook", Gameplay Trailer
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